Bernadette was born and raised on a small self-sufficient farm in northern California.  An active professional artist her work has been seen in all regions of the USA in museums and galleries including the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA, the Koehler Art Center in WI, the South Carolina State Museum, the Northwest Museum of Art & Culture in La Conner, WA and the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, LA.  In Eastern Washington she was represented by Lorinda Knight Gallery in Spokane from 2003 - until Lorinda retired in 2008,  and a former member of the Saranac Art Projects co-op gallery in Spokane, Washington from 2010-2016.  She is now a free agent, and living back in northern California on the water where she feels most at home.

Once she jumped out of a hot air balloon in the desert.  She has hiked Mayan temples and waterfalls in the jungle & slept with no gear on a precipice high above the ocean on the darkest night.  She has hitchhiked the US from Florida to California. She has so much more to experience.  She has partied with a few rockstars & worshiped with a few holy men.  She has so much love to share with the world sometimes it hurts.  Her studio is wherever she is currently in the world.  Life experience gives her material to continue her practice.   

Ms. Vielbig earned her BA in studio art from Humboldt State University and an MFA in studio arts from Louisiana State University with  concentrations in sculpture, ceramics & printmaking.  Her work knows no boundaries in choice of media.  She is currently exploring the use of her body as media in performance art, while also maintaining her relationship with found objects, and fine craftsmanship.

Bernadette has taught sculpture, design, craft  and drawing for Louisiana State University, the University of South Carolina in Columbia, Central Michigan University and Spokane Falls Community College where she was happy to walk away from her tenured position to get back to herself in 2015.  She has also led workshop studio art classes at The Spokane Art School.

Former programmer & host of 'Readymade Radio', a weekly, one - hour visual arts program in audio format on KYRS community radio in Spokane from 2009-2014.  One of the first visual art in audio format programs.

Bernadette has an active studio practice & makes aesthetic & utilitarian objects for your gaze and occasional use.  She makes things that are impractical to wear, but wears them anyway.  She makes things that will make you think.  She develops  characters to tell stories.  Her favorite spaces to design for are awkward corners.

In her spare time Bernadette is an avid watcher of art house & independent films, growing things, hanging out with her dog, & just being available to the universe.  Currently she is seeking gallery representation and artist workshop opportunities.  

For commission, purchase, & exhibition inquiries send me an e-mail via the contact page.